Offshore 31
Sloop or Ketch

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Here are scans from original brochure.  The brochure sent in to us was a photocopy so quality has suffered somewhat.  All images can be clicked for decent low resolution view, app. 35k file size.  I have started rescanning brochures I have to place on website full printable images from brochures.  See below fur full size sail plans of Offshore 31.  james.....

Off31BrCov2.jpg (36242 bytes)   offshore313.jpg (67386 bytes)

   offshore315.gif (193493 bytes)

Off31SPlanSloopLOBlres.gif (25130 bytes) offshore314.gif (28021 bytes)
Sail Plans (Sloop & Ketch) plus floor plans A&B

Click Here for full printable image of Sloop Sail Plan (157k file size)
Click Here for Ketch Sail Plan (74k file size)

Click Here for Frank Truncale's website with cad drawings of chainplates for Offshore 31

Specs from Brochure

LOA: 30'9
LWL: 23' 4"
Beam: 8'10
Displacement: 10,750lbs
Ballast: 4,000lbs
Draft: 3'10
Power: Palmer M60 or Atomic
Sail Area: 424 sq'

Current Market Prices I have seen on web:
$22 - $28,000

Some Pics from ads on Web

Offshore31cock.jpg (36924 bytes)  lookingforward.jpg (35369 bytes)

deck.jpg (32249 bytes)

Paul & Kate DeMay have been told by the company that 150 Offshore 31 models were produced

John Spears wrote in that the Offshore 31 was a development of the Bermuda 30, Lengthened 1' 2", with the Bermudas transom hung rudder moved inboard and wheel steering added.  

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