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"Jennifer II" Clipper 33 

"Bird of Paradise" Clipper 48

"Honu Kai" Trawler

  "FireFly" Cadet 

Some Pictures of our
members Classic 
Cheoy Lee

Offshore 38

 Classic Bluewater Sailing Yachts...

   Built to Lloyds standards these are classic blue water yachts.  Many have crossed oceans and many are being restored to continue to sail the worlds oceans.
   Built in HONG KONG and designed by some of the worlds best known Naval Architects - Bill Luders, Taylor Newell, John Alden, Maury DeClerck, Dave Pedrick, Philip Rhodes, Robert Perry, Ray Richards, Arthur Robb, Tord Sunden, Sparkman & Stephens, Laurent Giles, & Charles Wittholz.
   Cheoy Lee built over 4500 yachts from the 1950's through the 80's.  They still build Power boats but this site is dedicated to the models and the owners of the classic yachts from the past, Clippers, Frisco Flyers, Bermudas, Offshores, Vertues, etc. 
   We hope you enjoy the site  We have information on over 60 of the Cheoy Lee models, history of the company, restoration issues, and much more.  On the next page you will also find links to two other Cheoy Lee sites.  Ben Stavis has a site dedicated to the Cheoy Lee Rhodes Reliants and Cheoy Lee's own website for their current production...james


Site Mission

redarrow.gif (56 bytes) Provide information on the Cheoy Lee sailboats since their inception to the present
redarrow.gif (56 bytes) Provide a tool for Cheoy Lee owners to communicate with other Cheoy Lee owners
redarrow.gif (56 bytes) A forum for restoration issues and solutions
redarrow.gif (56 bytes) A site to find and sell Cheoy Lees
redarrow.gif (56 bytes) Collect information on the history of the company and the designers of these classic sailboats

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Cheoy Lee Characters
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Clipper by Bill Luders

Website Site News 

redarrow.gif (56 bytes) Nov 2016  Click Here for Info on a well restored Clipper 33 "Mon Ami" and her trips. 

redarrow.gif (56 bytes) Sept 2016 Perry Designed 44 "Lee-Bre" 
Galveston Yacht Basin, Texas, USA is for sale,  Click Here for info

redarrow.gif (56 bytes) Sept 2016.  One of our members is selling his Richards Offshore 41.  Keiamora is priced to sell, Click Here for info

redarrow.gif (56 bytes) Aug. 2016redarrow.gif (56 bytes) Aug. 2016  Roger Robinson and his son have put together a great website for the Cheoy Lee Vertues with a great deal of history on these great boats.  The link is

redarrow.gif (56 bytes) April 2016 Price reduction on beautiful Richards 38.  Click Here for info

redarrow.gif (56 bytes) March 2015 Charles is headed out this month on 3 year circumnavigation aboard a Clipper 48 named Bird of Paradise.  You can follow their adventure at

redarrow.gif (56 bytes) Jan 2015  Some of our members have posted YouTube videos.  Here are a couple of samples:
Clipper 36 "Caelan", Click Here

Motorsailor 43's trip in South Pacific, Click Here

"Gabrielle" Offshore 40, Click Here

redarrow.gif (56 bytes) July 2014 - We have added a nice little history of Cheoy Lee submitted by David Toombs from Lion Yachts.  David was responsible for many of the Cheoy Lee's coming to the US market.  Read David's comments on our History Page

redarrow.gif (56 bytes) July 2014 We had a great article on the Clipper 36 sent to us.  Click here to read

redarrow.gif (56 bytes) July 2014 - Rupert Reed has a website on the Vertue's

redarrow.gif (56 bytes) April 13  We have a new 52' Fexas member, got the following email, james  If you link to  under "current work" you will find "83 Midnight Lace" and this has a running timeline of the full restoration of this rarest of rare Cheoy Lee projects. Each one of the 11 of this model that were built was entirely hand-built and each one slightly different as each was custom-made. All hardware is bronze and all cabinetry is solid Teak. All joinery including the dovetail joints on the drawers is hand-cut!

Of the thousands of designs created by Tom Fexas this was his "first and finest" in his words; designed to reflect the commuter yachts of the 1920's and utilizing the design principles of the light, sleek and fast PT boats of WW II. -Bill Witt

redarrow.gif (56 bytes) Feb 2013  Here is what I believe is a complete list of all the OS50s built by Cheoy Lee (and one hull built of steel in Holland) as created (for the most part) by Neil Helleberg of the Alden office, just before he closed it down and the plans were all sent to M.I.T. The printed material is from N.H., while the penciled notes are mine. As you can see, there were variations on the main theme (full keel, aft cockpit) but there were more than 20 hulls built.  Albert Lingelbach aboard "Lady Ann"
Click Here for PDF file submitted by Al

redarrow.gif (56 bytes) Jan 2013  I have finally started a page for owners that have either crossed an ocean or circumnavigated.  Click here for page.  Contact us if you fall into either of these categories.  James

News Archive

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Notes form james , webmaster for Cheoy Lee Association
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james on day decision was made 
to purchase our Clipper, Cilla in shot on left, great lines, the boat too

If you have information that should be included on this site please forward to us.  We still need help completing the information on the many Cheoy Lee Models.  

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