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Cheoy Lees for Sale
Pics are of models not necessary the ones for sale


Cheoy Lees Clippers
Designed by A.E. Luders


The August issue of "Cruising World", in their article on good buys in used boats, listed the Clipper 36 as a great bargain.  Jeremy McGeary says in the article "Who'd have thought that boats would hold their values better than some stock portfolios?  Here's a selection of such classics that have proven their worth and will provide shelter and stability to the not yet (or no longer) rich."  About the Clipper he says "Any pushover for a clipper-bowed ketch is going to fall hard for this Bill Luders beauty..."

Clipper 48  "1976"
"S/V Hemingway’s Whiskey" Located in the Marathon Florida

Not many of the 48's were made.  This is the first one offered for sale on the association's website, James

SOLD 12/14

John Alden Design's

Alden Offshore 50  "1969"
‘Orient Star’ Located in Long Beach, Calif.
New Listing 11/2011, well maintained and one owner
SOLD 9/14


Alden Offshore 50  "1970"
‘Lady Pirate’ Located in Florida




Richards 38- "Ampersand" 
New Bern, NC
Updated Info April 2016

Pedrick 43 - "Sea Lion" 
Essex CT
New Listing, Sept, 2013
Yes this is David Toombs Cheoy Lee and is ready for cruising, only 12 made

Cheoy Lee Power Boats for Sale

None as of 8/11

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