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Pages from original brochure
A copy of this brochure was submitted by Justin Thompson.  Click Here for more info about Justin's collection of Cheoy Lee brochures available at a modest cost.   Thanks Justin for taking the time to copy us this information.  Also Bill Sandifer submitted a brochure (B&W) shortly before I received the color copy from Justin.  See below for additional info from Bill.   james...

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   This was the cover of the brochure, note the crane, it probably lifted your Cheoy Lee at one time or another.   james...

Bill Sandifer, who owned this model when he lived in Singapore writes the following:

"...The boat had a unique propulsion system with a one cylinder Volvo diesel in the lazarette connected by pulleys and belts running through the seat lockers to a transfer case under the cockpit floor then to the shaft in the conventional position.  The transfer case was quite small and had no visible opening.  I wanted to maintain it so called Cheoy Lee to inquire about the device.  I was told they had no information as the man who had built the unit had died and there were no plans for it.  Interesting.  No one else know anything about it.  The unit continued to function during the time I owned the boat and may still be going strong for all I know.  The boat was severely under powered with the one cylinder Volvo.  If you got caught by the tide in Singapore Harbor and the wind died one had to anchor to await the tide change....


LOA: 25'7"
LWL: 20' 11"
Beam: 8' 10"
Displacement: 6,100lbs
Ballast: 2,240 Lbs
Draft: 3'9"
Power: Volvo-MD-1

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Thanks again to Justin and Bill for submitting this information for all to enjoy.

Offshore 26 Owners

8 Members

Boat-  "IV SAIL" - 1973 Offshore 26'
OWNERS - Captain Scott Bey
IVSail On Kaneohe Bay.jpg (27413 bytes)E-mail Scott

I've contacted Cheoy Lee Shipyards and have found out that IV Sail is an Offshore 26; the last of only 14 units.  The first was made in 1969, mine was made in 1973.  The deckhouses differ year to year -- mine is apparently the only one with a deck house spanning the entire beam.
Boat-  "Not yet named" - 1972 Offshore 26'
OWNERS - Gitte Larsen & Gert Pedersen
AREA OF SAILING - Nysted / Denmark
E-mail Gitte & Gert   We have just bought our Cheoy Lee. According to the ship yard it was ordered in 1971 and we can see that it has been built in 1972. As it is now, the ship needs a very loving hand to be restored as it was. To begin with, we only new that it was a ship called Cheoy Lee and its built number was 2557. So thank you for a wonderful site that helps us finding out more about it. We don`t have any pictures by now, but we can see that it is just like the one Scott Bey owns
Boat-  "Pauline" - 1962 Offshore 26'
OWNERS - John Colson
AREA OF SAILING - Georgetown, South Carolina
E-mail John 
Boat-  "Elizabeth Ann" - 1973 Offshore 26'
OWNERS - Jeffre E. Fryar
E-mail Jeffre 
Boat-  "Prelude" - 1956 Offshore 26'
OWNERS - Craig Sugden
AREA OF SAILING - Auckland, New Zealand
E-mail Craig  Sailed form LA to New Zealand circa 1984, custom built with full width cabin, Oregon stick 26' LOA 8' beam 3.5 draught, never had a motor.  This boat must belong to the prototype series before the Pacific Clipper went into production in 1957 assuming that the construction date on the plaque is correct.  When enquiring about the ship number to Cheoy Lee shipyards I received information about a 25' LWL sloop commissioned by and ex  USAF.  The specs supplied by Cheoy Lee do not match the specs of this particular craft so I can only assume the numbers got mixed up somewhere along the line.  A pretty example nonetheless. 
Boat-  "???" - 1971 Offshore 26'
OWNERS - David Edgeley
AREA OF SAILING - French Creek, British Columbia
E-mail David 

Boat-  "S/V AMATORES" - 1974  Offshore 26 
OWNERS - Sean Hickey & Ruby Riker
AREA OF SAILING - Portland, Oregon
E-mail Sean & Ruby

Boat-  "Happy Talk" - 1960 Offshore 26'
OWNERS - Robert & Stephanie Roche
AREA OF SAILING - Richmond, California
E-mail Robert & Stephanie  Replace all keelbolts, new cockpit, flooring, 18 sister frames. .
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