Cheoy Lee
Sail & Power Boats for Sale 

July 2020

We are no longer doing ads for Cheoy Lee's on the Association's website.  First Cheoy Lee now supports our efforts in maintaining the association's website and second we cannot compete with the cheap sites where you can design your own ad. 

I will use this page to link to your ad.  Simply send me the link to the ad you have on the internet and we will post the link for a few months.  James

Cheoy Lees for Sale
Pics are of models not necessary the ones for sale

May 2022  Jody Graul is helping one of our members Bill Reid (age 90+) sell his Bermuda 30.  Someone can get a good deal and help out.  Ad is posted at





Cheoy Lee Power Boats for Sale

None as of 8/11

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