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   Cheoy Lee 78 Motorsailor Owners

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Boat-  "S/Y Sweet Sea" - 1995  Cheoy Lee 78 Motorsailer
OWNERS -Alessandro Treleani
AREA OF SAILING - Med - South France, Spain, Greece
E-Mail Alessandro
Sweet Sea.jpg (21136 bytes) 




Here are shots of "Quixote " and "Tarot" , sister ships of "Sweet Sea" that Alessandro sent us.  He believes they are in the Caribbean.  If you know the owners have them contact us.  3/2002 as you can see below we have found the owners of "Quixote".

                 Quixote1 (1).jpg (33294 bytes)    Tarot1 (2).jpg (49168 bytes)

Boat-  "Quixote" - Cheoy Lee 78 Motorsailer
OWNERS - Gaorge & Josephine Curtis
AREA OF SAILING - Carib/Chesapeake/New England
   Cheoy Lee 63 Motorsailor Owners

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Boat-  "Nightwinds" - 1985  63' Motorsailor
OWNERS - Mike Underwood & Bryan Teague
AREA OF SAILING - Chesapeake Bay, but leaving for Caribbean, 1/10/01
Nightwinds.jpg (19634 bytes)E-Mail Mike & Bryan

Mike & Bryan have  sent in scans of the original brochure on the 63 Motorsailer.  We all appreciate their help with this web site. james...

millenniumusa_boat.jpg (17023 bytes)Boat-  "MillenniumUSA" - 1986 Cheoy Lee 63 Motorsailor
OWNERS - Lena & Jan Petter Krogh
AREA OF SAILING - Gran Canaria ( Spain)
E-Mail Lena & Jan

9/08 We bought this boat from phil haines (usa).  Next year we sail too Caribbean.  The boat will sail under Spanish flag  The owners are from Norway

Boat-  "Luka" -1985 Cheoy Lee 63 Motorsailor
OWNERS - John & Laura Hilbig
AREA OF SAILING - San Francisco
E-Mai John & Laura

Boat-  "Good Grief" -1985 Cheoy Lee 63 Motorsailer
OWNERS - Claude and Marilu
AREA OF SAILING - World Cruising 

"Good Grief's" new owners, have shipped her aboard a large cargo ship, shown above, to Acapulco and then after finishing a few projects they will cruise up the Mexican coast back to she will be returning right back to where we held our farewell party in 1986! They will sell their present boat and live aboard until they are staged for their cruise through the South Pacific! They need not be concerned for the undertaking for she is a comfortable, classy and experienced cruiser so she will be right at home! We wish we were going along to see all those we met, came to love and left behind on our voyage through that area.  (Info taken from former owner, Roger Moore)

Boat-  "JE REVIENS" -1984 Cheoy Lee 63 Motorsailor
OWNERS - Cees & Dolimah De Best
AREA OF SAILING - Amsterdam, Holland,  Belgium, France & Noordzee
E-Mail Cees & Dolimah
SignifiantOther.jpg (17060 bytes)Boat-  "Significant Other" -1987 Cheoy Lee 63 Motorsailer
OWNERS - Stafford Robertson
AREA OF SAILING - Ventura California
E-Mail Stafford  Purchased boat in Spain, shipped to Mexico and have been liveaboards last 2 years
Boat-  "Shoshi" - Cheoy Lee 63 Motorsailor
OWNERS - Jeannine Grant
AREA OF SAILING - Palma de Mallorca, Spain
E-Mail Jeannine  Jeannine is selling, Click Here for the ad
Boat-  "Katanisi" - 63' Cheoy Lee 1985, M/V
OWNERS - Paula Perez
E-Mail Paula   Paula is the first to join our list from outside the usa
Boat-  "RYOTA" - 63' Cheoy Lee 1984
OWNERS - Lynne & Dewayne Wesley
AREA OF SAILING - Jacksonville, FL
E-Mail Lynne & Dewayne Wesley
Boat-  "Lady" -1983 Cheoy Lee 63 Motorsailor
OWNERS - Frank & Florence Cotta
E-Mail Frank & Florence  Lady was in San Francisco as her home port for a the last 16 yrs and we sailed her south to Mexico and then to south the Amercias she is now lying in Bocas Del toro on here way to Corpus Christi TX, on her way to the Caribbean
Boat-  "MARAYA II" -1985 Cheoy Lee 63 Motorsailor
OWNERS - David & Evelyn Pfent
E-Mail David & Evelyn   Purchased boat from John Hilbig (LUKA) In April2007. Sold MARAYA I (53' Motorsailer) to  Bill Stockdale.  MARAYA II Is Currently in Mexico being painted. We will sail to Panama in November 07.  Plans are to live aboard and cruise Central and South America. 
Boat-  "Beleza" - 1983 Cheoy Lee 63 Motorsailor
OWNERS - Richard Piekos
AREA OF SAILING - Ft Lauderdale
E-Mail Richard
   Cheoy Lee 55 Motorsailor Owners

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Boat-  "Petite Terre" -1979  55 Motorsailer 
OWNERS - Marc Henon
AREA OF SAILING - France, Corsica

E-Mail Henon 
   Cheoy Lee 53 Motorsailor Owners

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Boat-  "Chris Go" -1990' Cheoy Lee 53 Motorsailor
OWNERS - Chris Spleiss
E-Mail Chris
Boat-  "??" - 53' Motorsailor
OWNERS - Bill Simmons
Boat-  "Brigadoon III" -1987  53 Motorsailer 
OWNERS - waiting to hear from new owners

Boat-  "Duquesa" (formally Junior) - Cheoy Lee 53 Motorsailor
OWNERS - Enrique Kristoffersson
AREA OF SAILING - Helsingborg and sailing area World Wide
E-Mail Enrique

Boat-  "Cetacea" -1990' Cheoy Lee 53 Motorsailor
OWNERS - Tony & Gail Wessendorff
E-Mail Tony & Gail
Boat-  "Maraya" -1990' Cheoy Lee 53 Motorsailor
OWNERS - George Ackerman
AREA OF SAILING - Fort Lauderdale, Fl
E-Mail George
Boat-  "Second Wind" -1986' Cheoy Lee 53 Motorsailor
OWNERS - Tom & Debbie Heitstuman
AREA OF SAILING - Homeport: Newport, Oregon/living in Sasebo, Japan
E-Mail Tom & Debbie
They purchased the boat in San Francisco 6/03 and sailed her to Sasebo, Japan where they both teach school for the NAVY.  Their family of four lives on the boat at Huis Ten Bosch ( a Dutch theme park) Life is good!
Boat-  "Grand Pause" -1988' Cheoy Lee 53 Motorsailor
OWNERS - Michael Atherton, Gale
AREA OF SAILING - Hawaii, Molokai
E-Mail Michael

my name is gale, i am the captain of "hoku kai" formerly "grand pause". i wanted to update your website and submit a couple of current pics. the hoku kai is traveling a lot from molokai to maui. we just put in new blinds down below from "boat blinds international" in florida. great addition. we have been in hawaii over 3 years now. another drydock coming up this summer.

Life Time Member

Boat-  "Today" -1992' Cheoy Lee 53 Motorsailor
OWNERS - Caren & Fgrank Wyatt
E-Mail Caren & Frank, Today is for sale, click here for info
Boat-  "Free" -1991' Cheoy Lee 53 Motorsailor
OWNERS - Mike Robichaud & Jane Keyes
E-Mail Mike   We are new owners of a Cheoy Lee 53 Long Range Motorsailer. We acquired the boat last year from the original owner in St Martin in the Caribbean and sailed her back to her new home Squamish, British Columbia, Canada.
Link to video of Free
   Cheoy Lee 52 Motorsailor Owners

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Boat- "Simpatica" - Cheoy Lee 52' 1980
OWNER - John Ellenby
AREA OF SAILING - New Zealand 

 Simpatica had a great website with pictures at 


artemis5.jpg (32045 bytes)artemis.jpg (31510 bytes)Boat-  "Terrapin" -1980  52 Motorsailor by Beeldsnijder
OWNERS - David & Crissi Winans
E-Mail David & Crissi

WE purchased "Terrapin" in the fall of 2005. Since then she has undegone a massive refit; repower,genset,swim platform,rigging,refinishing of all interior and exterior brightwork,electronics,rewiring, electrical panel,holding tanks,as well as numerous other projects.
We have explored much of the Chesapeake, and have made two trips to New England

Boat-  "Maeva" -1980  52 Motorsailor by Wittholz
OWNERS - Gavan & Andree Scott

E-Mail Gavan & Andree
Gavan and Andree are looking for information on the history of Maeva.  See our News page for some of Maeva's history that Gavan emailed us.  Click Here for Cheoy Lee news page This boat is currently up for tender with website link and email link
Boat-  "Looking for One" -  52 Motorsailor
OWNERS - Enrique Kristoffersson
- Heisingborg, Sweden
E-Mail Enrique
Boat-  "Serene Dream" - 1981  52 Motorsailor
OWNERS - Gordon & Denise Daniels
AREA OF SAILING - Whitsundays, Queensland, Australia
E-Mail Gordon & Denise
Boat-  "Vivace" -  52 Motorsailor
OWNERS - Maurice & Eveline Frankefort
E-Mail Maurice & Eveline
Over the past three years they have sailed with their 3 boys around the world and last August they completed a circumnavigation in the Mediterranean.  They are interested in getting the original interior design plans and to get in touch with an architect who could modify this. 
Boat-  "??" -   52 Motorsailor
OWNERS - Jean Scobie
Boat-  "Gianna" - 1982  52 Motorsailor by Beeldsnijder
OWNERS - Amy & Christopher Bdrdawand
AREA OF SAILING - Ensenada, Mexico
E-Mail Amy & Chris
 1/15 Gianna was formally named Necessity
Boat-  "Hale Kai" - 1981  52 Motorsailor by Beeldsnijder
OWNERS - Boyd Myers
AREA OF SAILING - Newberg, Oregon
E-Mail Boyd
    2/08  We have been boating for may years all in power boats. Last boat was a 54' Defever Raised Pilothouse. This is our first large sailboat we are really looking forward to learning to sail. Boat needs alot of TLC. Would like any information from people who have had a ketch motorsailor.
Boat-  "Concerto" - 1980  52 Motorsailor by Beeldsnijder
OWNERS - Chandra & Lou Appell
E-Mail Chandra & Lou
  Chandra and I bought Concerto in January 09 as a long-term restoration project. She is in rough shape but, like all Cheoy Lees, well-built and with lots of potential. I'm looking forward to hearing from other owners for wisdom and guidance.

Life Time Member

Boat-  "ERQUY" -   52 Motorsailor
OWNERS - Allan Seymour & Meg Harris
AREA OF SAILING - Toulon France
Allan & Meg
Boat-  "Harmony" - 1980  52 Motorsailor by Beeldsnijder
OWNERS - Colin Wade
AREA OF SAILING - Shortley, East coast of the UK
E-Mail Colin

Hi, my name is Colin Wade, I am the very proud owner of a Cheoy Lee 52 LRMS called Harmony.

She was built in 1980 and was the Hamburg boat show boat, she has many ocean voyages and I have crossed the Atlantic in her. I keep her at Shotley on the East coast of the UK and regularly take her on cruises to the west country, Dartmouth is one of my favorites, the photo enclosed was taken in the dart estuary with Kingswear castle in the background.

She had benefited from a huge amount of work which includes upgrades, modifications and restoration. These include the complete replacement of the teak deck, all the hand rails and cap rails, eyebrows, and hatch and cabin tops. All the tanks, fuel and water have been ground out and re-glassed with bi-ax and west epoxy then coated with Sigma tank coatings. All the underwater hull has had the gel coat removed and then laid up with bi-ax and west epoxy fared with epoxy filler and given several coats of epoxy prior to the anti fouling being applied. The whole boat has been finished in oyster white awl grip epoxy paint. A bespoke continuous stainless rail has been fitted all around the deck with access obtained via telescopic rails.

Both engines and generator have been rebuilt, with new independent fuel system for each engine. To get the engines out and back in a very special removable hatch has been incorporated into the saloon roof, where there was one hatch, there is now a hatch with two hatches in it. The rear deck has been fitted with a really nice Bimini with detachable side screens. The latest addition(early 2017) is an overall cover to protect her bright work and lovely teak deck.

These are just a few of the many upgrades that have been carried out.


   Cheoy Lee 43 Motorsailor Owners

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Boat-  "Magic Dragon" -1983 Cheoy Lee 43 Motorsailor
OWNERS - Tony Johnson
AREA OF SAILING - Florida, Keys, Bahamas, Caribbean

E-Mail Tony
Name: Magic Dragon (formerly French Toast, Sun Singer and Meteora.
Nice website - james
Boat-  "Dianthus Dua" - 1967  Pacific Class 43' Motorsailer, designed by Walter Rayner
OWNERS - Bernard & Marian McCawley
AREA OF SAILING - Croft, England

E-Mail Bernard & Marian
Boat- "Jade" - 43 Motorsailor by Robert Perry
OWNER - Bill Svea & Candi Cannon
AREA OF SAILING - Mexico to Oregon & WA

E-Mail Bill & Candi
Boat- "Amethyst" - 43 Motorsailor Robert Perry
OWNER - Bill Turner
AREA OF SAILING - Galveston Bay, Texas

E-Mail Bill  Amethyst is in good condition however we plan a complete restoration by the time it reaches antique vintage. We will be looking for info on restoration.
Boat- "Daybreak" - 43 Motorsailor ,Robert Perry
OWNER - Frank Dubuc
AREA OF SAILING - Squamish, BC & Pacific

E-Mail Frank
Boat- "Tiger Lilly" - 43 Motorsailor by Robert Perry
OWNER - Dennis & Julie Ayles
AREA OF SAILING - Adelaide South Australia

E-Mail Dennis & Julie 
The yacht, ‘Tiger Lilly’, is currently in Hawaii having completed a sail from San Diego en route to Adelaide South Australia which will be it’s home port.  It is estimated that the journey will be completed by approx August 2012.
Boat- "Windhover" - 43 Motorsailor ,1982 Robert Perry
OWNER - Bill Coons
AREA OF SAILING - Columbia River, North to Alaska & South to Mexico

E-Mail Bill  Bill is second owner of "Windhover"
Boat- "All II Eyes" - 43 Motorsailor ,1984 Robert Perry
OWNER - Joel Levy

E-Mail Joel  Would like to share war stories with other motor sail or any Cheoy Lee owner
Miranda 2.jpg (23072 bytes)Boat- "Miranda" - 43 Motorsailor ,Robert Perry
OWNER - Paul & Margaret Curtis
AREA OF SAILING - Pittwater Sydney

E-Mail Paul & Margaret  Over the last 11 years we regularly cruise Miranda along the NSW and Queensland/Barrier Reef coasts while struggling with the concepts of balancing pretty maintenance and having a good time!
Boat- "YLPE" - 1980 Perry 43 
OWNER - Peter Czermak
AREA OF SAILING - Europa, Adria, Grece-Ägäis, Türkei, RedSea

E-Mail Peter
For those of you who speak German, Peter has a great website.  Click Here to view

YLPE.jpg (15538 bytes)Click Photo for full image

                          Der Skipper verfügt über eine mehr als 20-jährige Segelerfahrung auf unterschiedlichsten Yachten. Er ist im Besitz aller notwendigen Führerscheine und Zertifikate und hat ausgezeichnete Erfahrung mit der reichhaltigen technischen und seglerischen Ausrüstung der Yacht.
Er ist Mitglied im TRANS-OCEAN (Verein zur Förderung des Hochseesegelns e.V -werden auch Sie ein Mitglied-)


Boat- "Shawnigan" - 43 Motorsailor, Robert Perry
OWNER - Stephane-Jean Lapeyrere, & Isabelle
AREA OF SAILING - French Polynesia

E-Mail Stephane-Jean & Isabelle  Stephane & Isabelle have a website.  They rescued "Shawnigan" from a reef and are restoring her.   The website is in French...
Boat- "Westwind II" - 43 Motorsailor, Robert Perry
OWNER - Janice & Robert Jocumsen
Melbourne/Queensland Coast
E-Mail Janice & Robert
Boat- "III-N-I" - 43 Motorsailor, Robert Perry
OWNER - Bob & Jolene Taylor
AREA OF SAILING - So. California

E-Mail Bob & Jolene 
Boat- "Sundowner" - 43 Motorsailor 1988,Robert Perry
OWNER - Evan & Helen Johnston
AREA OF SAILING - Bums Bay, Australia

E-Mail Evan & Helen
Boat- "Dreamtime" - 43 Motorsailor ,Robert Perry
OWNER - Dave Weir
Hobart, Tasmania
E-Mail Dave
 I have just purchased Dreamtime so will add to this over time, she is currently lying in Pitwater, New South Wales and about to embark on her voyage south to Tasmania, (2006)
Boat- "Sealion - 43 Motorsailor 1981
OWNER - Douglas C Hoyt
Malabar Florida
E-Mail Douglas  2002 under restoration, would like info from other 43 owners
Boat- "Salvation" - 43 Motorsailor 1982,Robert Perry
OWNER - Gary & Elia Talboy
AREA OF SAILING - Newport, Oregon

Boat- "Sea Parrot" - 43 Motorsailor 1980,Robert Perry
OWNER - Jan & Nick Hodnett
E-Mail Jan  & Nick


Boat- "Aloha" - 43 Motorsailor
OWNER - Danny Witberg

E-Mail Danny  Owner is wondering if anyone could help the interior is made of teak and teak plywood which is different in shade.  The yard used a special technique to bring all the wood to the same light color without losing the sight on the grain of the wood.  On some part of the interior the finish needs work or pieces that get damaged need to be repaired. Is anyone familiar with this technique?
Boat- "Wu Wei" - 43 Motorsailor 1985,Robert Perry
OWNER - Art & Susan Rochlin
Hollywood, Florida USA
E-Mail Art & Susan  They are new Cheoy Lee owners, who have cruised in the past and plan on cruising again in about a year or so.  The original name of their boat was Sara Jen and they bought her from original owner.  They have lots of questions for other owners.
Boat- "Constance" - 43 Motorsailor
OWNER - Bill & Constance Turner

E-Mail Bill & Constance 
Boat- "??" - 43 Motorsailor 1983
OWNER - Dr Lew Rassaby

E-Mail Lew   Lew had said his Motorsailer was about 48'.  I have listed him here till I hear different.
Boat- "Limitless" - 43 Motorsailor 1985 
OWNER - Frank & Audrey Peterman
AREA OF SAILING - Fort Lauderdale, Florida

E-Mail Frank & Audrey 
My husband Frank and I bought our Cheoy Lee two weeks ago and are eager to become lifetime members of the association and connect with other happy owners..
Boat- "Gypsy Lee" - 43' Perry Motorsailor 1982 
OWNER - Shane Magill
AREA OF SAILING - Mooloolaba, Australia

E-Mail Shane
Boat- "Sundowner" - 43 Motorsailor 1982
OWNER - Evan & Helen Johnston
AREA OF SAILING - Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron at Manly, Qld

E-Mail Evan & Helen   My wife Helen and I have just bought a Cheoy Lee 43 pilot house motor sailer called “Sundowner”, which is her original name being built back in 1982 under that name. She was previously owned by James Dawson here in Sydney, Australia. We have owned several yachts before and cruised/delivered boats extensively but are now proud of our Cheoy Lee.

Sundowner is very well fitted out with the original Ford Lehman diesel with some 3400 hours and an Onan 6.5kva with some 1200 hours. In addition she has a water maker, washing machine and dishwasher as well as many other enhancements.
Boat- "Luther" - 43' Perry Motorsailor 1988
OWNER - Tim Adams
Florida and Carribean
E-Mail Tim I purchased Luther (ex Saltaire) in July’14 and she has been in the yard since for work including awlgrip of hull, new decks, standing rigging & sails. Will be living aboard initially in Florida & the Caribbean from April’15. Would be delighted to hear from other owners and exchange practical tips and advice about our boats.


Boat- "Henry Martin" - 43' Perry Motorsailor 1981
OWNER - Jim & Monique Hubshman
AREA OF SAILING - Delray Beach, FL

E-Mail Jim & Monique 
Website -  
We purchased and moved aboard this past spring (2011) and are still learning all the systems. We are very happy and never want to live on the land again!
Boat- "Skyeboat II" - 43' Perry Motorsailor 1981
OWNER - Roy Herselman
AREA OF SAILING - La Savina, Formentera Island, Spain

E-Mail Roy
   Cheoy Lee 32 Motorsailor Owners

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Cobb4.jpg (19313 bytes)Cobb3.jpg (25030 bytes)Boat-  "Kowloon Jade" - 1953 32' Motorsailor by Laurent Giles
OWNERS - Oliver Cobb
E-Mail Oliver   
Boat- "Endless Summer" - 32 Motorsailor 1968
OWNER - Dougl & Michelle Haywood
AREA OF SAILING - Sydney Harbour, Australia
E-Mail Dougl & Michelle
 This vessel was purchased by me recently from an Australian couple who had bought her in 2001 from Doug Villepique.  Doug had sailed her out from California in 199-2001.  As far as I am aware she is the only Alden 32 Motorsailor in Australian waters.  She gets admiring looks from everyone that sees her....or are they looking at my wife?  She is lovely addition to Sydney Harbour and I look forward to taking her further a field as I as I get More confident. 

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